Lea Wiesel

MYCOREMED radiocaesium

Radiocaesium (Cs) pollution of agricultural, semi-natural and natural areas is a worldwide problem that has arisen from human activities.

Nutritional Genomics Group

Optimisation of mineral fertilisers in crop production

One objective of our group is to optimise the use of mineral fertilisers in crop production and, thereby, reduce fertiliser inputs and pollution. In recent years, this work has focused on improving the mineral nutrition of crops and has included the development of molecular diagnostics for P-starvation, the identification of P efficient varieties, and the trialling of sustainable P-fertilisers. Collaborative projects related to this area of research include the following.

Resource Capture

Adequate resources of light, water and mineral nutrients are essential for plants. The Resource Capture Group aims to understand how best to optimise the utilisation of these resources by crops in a changing global environment, by elucidating the genetic control and physiological bases of the traits involved.

We are also interested in how plants compete, as individuals, for these resources and aim to explain this. We have a strong research team that integrates knowledge of plant physiology, particularly of rooting traits, genetics and mathematical modelling. The group is actively involved in the SCRI Living Field educational project.

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